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Ramblings of a alleged realist, supposed poet, and apparently ambitious something-or-other.

The Question of Good Poetry

So I’m going to say something really pretentious and let you in on a question that I get from time to time.  It usually sounds something like this: “How do you write good poetry?”  Yes, that is a bit of an awkward question to ask anyone who writes anything, but I can give you a few little nuggets of knowledge that generally lead to a better understanding of what poetry can be, and how I understand its effect on me and other people, and how you could perhaps get to know poetry and the power of writing it a little better for yourself.  So here we go…

1) If you want to write good poetry, read good poetry.

2) Write bad poetry - most of what you write will be absolutely mediocre.  But, keep writing, and writing, and writing, and writing, and reading, and writing.  90% of what I write is absolutely unsatisfying.  But, the other 10% that makes me smile wouldn’t happen otherwise.  So, keep writing.    

3) Write about what you know; if you’ve had a boring life, then write about your boring life.  If you’ve had an effed up life then write about your effed up life, but write about other things too.

4) Pay attention to how good storytellers tell stories.

5) Details are not always important - only sometimes.

6) Have fun for God’s sake.

7) Cut the melodramatic BS.  It’s 2012…

8) YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A WRITER/POET/WHATEVER IS TO COMMUNICATE - something, anything - not to shroud your musings in obtuse imagery and vindictive metaphor so you can feel good about how no one knows what your poetry means but you, then feel good about yourself when you get to complain about how “No one gets your poetry.”  Your poetry then is not high and lofty, it’s just pointless.

9) If you want to write good poetry, read good poetry.

This is obnoxiously incomprehensive, so feel free to add to this list as you feel fit.  Poetry, of course, means different things to different people, and there is an entire spectrum of poetry that we’re dealing with here.  What’s good poetry to me may not be so much to you, but, I think with some of these little points you’ll be able to find what fits you.  I am a strong believer in the power of poetry, and if you disagree, I really think it’s because you haven’t found poetry that fits your tastes. 

And if you want to know where to start reading good poetry, just ask.  I’ve got some suggestions…


If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is… “The Strong One,” winner of the Campus MovieFest Best Picture Award, directed by Nicolas Sailer, shot by Josh Bielick, and written by Tim Reavis (myself).  Check it out…

Why Blog…

I have found a need in my life; that happens every so often.  I am afraid, however, that meeting that need will require a bit of pride-deprivation on my part.  You see, I write, and I need to write; but, I have failed miserably and consistently at writing “just for me,” and making a daily habit out of it.  If I’m writing something, I need to be writing for something, or someone - even if it is only hypothetically.  But, here we arrive at the crux - I don’t blog, I am not a blogger, nor do I wish to be a blogger.  But, I have arrived at the conclusion that blogging is the only way that I am going to write anything, whether or not anyone is reading it.  So, this is more for me than it is for you.  And so, even if no one ever reads this post, or the proceeding posts, I will imagine that I have many a follower, and that they are indeed reading my blog, eagerly and slightly indifferently.  I’m going to write about whatever I feel like writing about; I will write about God, politics, my life, philosophy, poetry, movies, cereal, music - or maybe I won’t write about any of that.  I don’t know, we’ll see… 

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