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Ramblings of a alleged realist, supposed poet, and apparently ambitious something-or-other.

Watching My Brother


There are as many worlds as

there are people

and I’m watching my little brother’s

world being stuffed inside a football helmet

tight and safe

and now it is being carried off onto a

football field by his body.


The rain is rubbing its knuckles on the

tops of heads and on sleeves

and umbrellas.

Our ancestors sit in the stadium lights

a quiet cloud of witnesses.


On Friday nights angels stoop down

over football fields to wash their hands

in the shouts and shame of people

and sing their lessons

and I am doing my part

not for them but for my brother.


He is kicking a field goal and I get more

nervous for him than I ever do for myself.


And then I hate Fridays because he misses

and I would rather be the one missing

so I think about how many brothers have

missed field goals and

how many brothers there are

compared to angels

and how many worlds that is.